Data Center Water Savings

Data centers play a vital role in the management, storage and dissemination of critical information required for the operation of systems which power each sector of our globally focused economy. Unfortunately though, performing these crucial functions requires extreme quantities of freshwater resources which help cool these energy-intensive systems. At Infinite Cooling, our talented team of visionaries worked tirelessly at MIT to develop an award-winning process focused on supplying game-changing data center water savings technologies to multiple sectors.

Best Practices for Data Centers Water Savings

Mitigating the environmental impact of data centers on our global water supply requires the employment of efficient data center water recycling products. At Infinite Cooling, our novel water capture technology utilizes a series of electrodes placed strategically at the exhaust outlet of cooling towers. These charged electrodes work in conjunction with our optimally designed mesh collectors to recapture water vapor. This process leads to a 100% plume elimination and a 20-30% overall reduction in water usage from makeup and blowdown tasks.

Novel water capture technology

Our patent-pending technology developed at MIT reduces water consumption in evaporative cooling tower systems by over 20% by capturing water from cooling tower plumes

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Water Savings

20-30% reduction in total plant water consumption (make-up and blowdown)

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Costs Savings

$1M annual savings in water sourcing and water treatment costs for a 600 MW system

Plume Abatement
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100% plume elimination on cooling towers retrofitted with Infinite Cooling technology

Our cost-effective data center water savings technology works on a non-interference basis with your ongoing operations and offers zero financial risks to you, as the process owner. Backed by extensive testing and proven data, our award-winning data center water recycling products are leading the charge into a brighter tomorrow. With current estimates from the United Nations and the U.S. State Department indicating we are heading for extreme water shortages by 2030, now is the time to act to place your facility on a path to efficient, and cost-effective, operations.

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