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Industrial Water Saving Technology

At Infinite Cooling, our game-changing industrial water saving technology has far-reaching implications for power plants, factories, data centers and other facilities which utilize water-based cooling systems. As global water supplies become increasingly threatened by overconsumption, it is vital to explore innovative industrial water savings solutions to help prevent future water shortages.

Current estimates from the U.S. State Department and the United Nations indicate that, by the year 2030, extreme freshwater shortages will occur across the globe. This data is alarming and requires a holistic approach to reduce water usage rates in a wide range of industrial applications.

We Deliver Risk-Free Water Usage Solutions for Industrial Plants

Our team at Infinite Cooling conducted an in-depth assessment of all current data and processes involved in water-based cooling systems and developed our award-winning water saving solutions for industrial plants at MIT.

Novel Water Capture Technology

Our patented technology developed at MIT significantly enhances cooling towers with real time monitoring of tower performance, advanced controls, and the WaterPanel™, our cooling tower plume capture system.

Plume Abatement

Retrofittable plume elimination system captures clean water for re-use

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Energy Savings

Efficient utilization of cooling tower fans for reduced power consumption

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Water Savings

Minimizing evaporation & re-using clean water from tower plumes


Maximizing plant output & avoiding unscheduled outages with real time tower monitoring

Explore Our Full-Spectrum Industrial Water Savings Solutions

Connect with the visionary Infinite Cooling team today to learn more about the installation of our risk-free system which delivers no impact to your ongoing operations. Let us walk you through the details of our revolutionary technology and help you start saving money and promoting freshwater conservation efforts today. Reach us by calling, emailing or connect via the contact us form below

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CTO & Co-Founder

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Chairman & Co-Founder

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