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Petrochemical Plants Water Treatment

An award-winning new technology developed by the MIT engineers from Infinite Cooling is getting ready to change the energy industry with petrochemical plants water recycling. The patented system captures the water vapor usually released from cooling towers and channels it for repeated use, dramatically decreasing costs and increasing water efficiency.

As droughts spread and water becomes more and more of a limiting factor for power plants and more, we are here to drive sustainable technology forward with our innovative water recycling solutions for petrochemical plants. Find out how our system can help your plant save water and money today.

Changing the Game in Petrochemical Water Costs Solutions

Infinite Cooling is getting all the buzz and media attention for a reason. Our creative and simple system uses electrical fields to charge the water and collect almost 80% of the water released from cooling towers. For a single 250 MW power plant that water usage reduction for petrochemical plants means a million dollars in savings each year and 20% less water consumed.

Novel Water Capture Technology

Our patented technology developed at MIT significantly enhances cooling towers with real time monitoring of tower performance, advanced controls, and the WaterPanel™, our cooling tower plume capture system.

Plume Abatement

Retrofittable plume elimination system captures clean water for re-use

Recycle Dollar.png
Energy Savings

Efficient utilization of cooling tower fans for reduced power consumption

Water Drop.png
Water Savings

Minimizing evaporation & re-using clean water from tower plumes


Maximizing plant output & avoiding unscheduled outages with real time tower monitoring

And not only does this advance in petrochemical plants water recycling translate to increased savings and efficiency for little cost and even less risk, but it helps to significantly reduce vapor plumes, which can be a source of conflict and controversy when navigating relationships with neighborhoods and municipalities around the plant. The system can even be retrofitted and added to already standing power plants with minimal disruption or interruption of service. 

The whole energy industry could be impacted. The bottom line, however, is the impact on the planet. We’re on the verge of a global water crisis, and power plants in the U.S. are responsible for almost two-fifths of the country’s water use. Our petrochemical water costs solutions are a powerful first step in building a sustainable world.

Join Infinite Cooling Today

Our team is looking for energy companies and investors to partner with and start putting our patented technologies to use. Contact us through our online form and find out more now. The future starts today.

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