Disrupting the Way the World Uses Water

Infinite Cooling is an award-winning startup and our mission is simple: to mitigate water scarcity around the world. We help power plants and other industrial processes dramatically reduce their water consumption and water treatment costs by recovering water from their cooling tower exhausts. We have a patent-pending technology developed at MIT that uses electric fields to capture water from the plumes leaving cooling towers. Infinite Cooling has a track record of success including having won the MIT $100K, MassChallenge, the MIT Clean Energy Prize, the DOE National Cleantech Competition and numerous other awards. 


Novel water capture technology

Our patent-pending technology developed at MIT reduces water consumption in evaporative cooling tower systems by over 20% by capturing water from cooling tower plumes

Water Savings

20-30% reduction in total plant water consumption (make-up and blowdown)

Costs Savings

$1M annual savings in water sourcing and water treatment costs for a 600 MW system

Plume Abatement

100% plume elimination on cooling towers retrofitted with Infinite Cooling technology


Meet The Team

Maher Damak

Co-Founder & CEO

Karim Khalil

Co-Founder & CTO

Kripa Varanasi

Co-Founder & Chairman

Somerville, MA | info@infinite-cooling.com

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