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Making Industrial Cooling More Efficient

Infinite Cooling is an award-winning startup and our mission is simple: to develop the cooling tower of the future. We help industrial plants have safer, more reliable, and more sustainable cooling towers by optimizing thermal performance and eliminating cooling tower plumes.​

We have patented technologies developed at MIT that can increase plant efficiency and decrease water and energy consumption through remote sensing and AI and increase reliability through efficient plume abatement.​

Infinite Cooling has a track record of success including projects underway at over ten industrial sites and prestigious awards such as the gold medal at the Edison Awards, and the Department of Energy National Cleantech Competition.​

The Problem

Advanced Cooling Tower Technology

 Our patented technologies developed at MIT significantly enhance cooling towers.


TowerPulse™ uses a combination of remote sensing and AI to provide real-time cooling tower monitoring, optimization, and decision support systems.

WaterPanel™ helps industrial facilities operate reliably and efficiently by eliminating the plumes that are emitted from cooling towers and recovering their water content for re-use. ​

Plume Abatement
Water Savings

Reducing evaporation and blowdown water losses with re-use and optimal tower control.

Energy Savings

Efficient utilization of process equipment for reduced power consumption​.

Plant Output

Maximizing plant output and avoiding unscheduled outages with real time tower monitoring​.


Preventing outages due to plume icing, reduced visibility, and interference with other equipment.



Meet The Team

Maher Damak

Co-Founder & CEO

Karim Khalil

Co-Founder & CTO

Kripa Varanasi

Co-Founder & Chairman

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