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Cooling Tower Water Capturing Technology

Water is quickly becoming a crucial and valuable limited resource for power plants and factories across the country. As environmental crises loom and freshwater reserves run low, sustainability is going to become the key word for survival. On the cutting edge of research and development for water conservation is our innovative cooling tower water capturing technology. 

Infinite Cooling is a company of researchers and engineers from MIT pioneering new ways of thinking about sustainability in the energy industry. Billions of gallons of water are used each year in power plants and factories in cooling towers, and we’re offering water solutions for cooling towers to massively increase efficiency

The Novel System of Water Capturing Solutions for Cooling Towers

While other companies have looked at vapor plumage and only seen an annoyance and frustration to be managed, we see an opportunity. Instead of letting that water vapor simply escape, we could catch it and keep it in the system. With simple but scientifically innovative cooling tower water capturing solutions, we eliminate vapor plumes and decrease overall water use.

Novel Water Capture Technology

Our patented technology developed at MIT significantly enhances cooling towers with real time monitoring of tower performance, advanced controls, and the WaterPanel™, our cooling tower plume capture system.

Plume Abatement

Retrofittable plume elimination system captures clean water for re-use

Recycle Dollar.png
Energy Savings

Efficient utilization of cooling tower fans for reduced power consumption

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Water Savings

Minimizing evaporation & re-using clean water from tower plumes


Maximizing plant output & avoiding unscheduled outages with real time tower monitoring

Our system is non-invasive, so we can fit it onto standing cooling towers with no risk to your bottom line or any interference in your production. 

The team at Infinite Cooling is just getting into the wider market, but the industry is buzzing with excitement about the new opportunities. Our cooling tower water capturing technology has already won prestigious prizes in sustainability like the Department of Energy Cleantech Grand Prize and the MIT Clean Energy Prize. New advances like this one have never been more necessary and coveted

Partner with Us Today

We’ve been grabbing headlines with our water capturing solutions for cooling towers, and now we’re looking for partners. Connect with Infinite Cooling online today if you want to find out more about these new steps forward.

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CEO & Co-Founder

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CTO & Co-Founder

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Chairman & Co-Founder

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