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Cooling Tower Water Savings

A team of experts from MIT have invented the next big product for cutting costs and increasing efficiency for power plants across the energy industry. Their simple and affordable product decreases water use. Find out more today. 

The award-winning and accomplished scientists and engineers at Infinite Cooling have been hard at work developing water recycling products for cooling towers to cut down on the water lost through the evaporative cooling process and increase sustainability.

Transforming the Best Practices for Cooling Tower Water Savings

Our new MIT-developed and patented technology for cooling tower water savings involves simply capturing the water that normally floats off into the sky in cooling tower vapor plumes. This system knocks out two birds with one stone, as it were, eliminating the problematic plume and saving millions gallons of water per year.

 The collector system can be added onto existing cooling tower systems with minimal interruption of service or risk. No one else in the industry is offering such versatile and effective cooling tower water recycling products.

Novel Water Capture Technology

Our patented technology developed at MIT significantly enhances cooling towers with real time monitoring of tower performance, advanced controls, and the WaterPanel™, our cooling tower plume capture system.

Plume Abatement

Retrofittable plume elimination system captures clean water for re-use

Recycle Dollar.png
Energy Savings

Efficient utilization of cooling tower fans for reduced power consumption

Water Drop.png
Water Savings

Minimizing evaporation & re-using clean water from tower plumes


Maximizing plant output & avoiding unscheduled outages with real time tower monitoring

Everyone is talking about the advances we are making in sustainability and water recycling products for cooling towers. With multiple awards to their names and research published in Science Advances, the team at Infinite Cooling is one to watch carefully. Their water recycling system for cooling towers has been recognized with the Rice Business Plan Competition Grand Prize and the MIT $100K Grand Prize.

Partner with Us Today

Don’t wait and miss your opportunity to get ahead of the competition with the latest advances in efficiency and sustainability from our premier engineers. Find out what everyone has been talking about and contact us now through our online form.

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