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Power Plant Water Capturing Technology

Power generation facilities across the nation expend extensive resources each year maintaining adequate freshwater supplies to aid in required cooling processes. Based on recent estimates, power plants alone consume over 160 billion gallons of water each day. This number reflects nearly 40 percent of the total freshwater resource withdrawals across the country at the cost of roughly $5 million per power plant. At Infinite Cooling, we developed cooling tower water capturing technology to help solve this problem and radically reduce these expenditures.

Drastically Cut Operating Costs with Our Cooling Tower Water Capturing Technology

Developed at MIT by our gifted team of visionaries, our water capturing solutions for cooling towers functions by employing an advanced system of patent-pending electrodes and mesh collectors. We strategically place this equipment along the exhaust outlet leading from existing cooling towers to capture water vapor in plumes. Our cooling tower water capturing solutions deliver plume abatement and can reduce your plant’s overall water consumption.

Novel Water Capture Technology

Our patented technology developed at MIT significantly enhances cooling towers with real time monitoring of tower performance, advanced controls, and the WaterPanel™, our cooling tower plume capture system.

Plume Abatement

Retrofittable plume elimination system captures clean water for re-use

Recycle Dollar.png
Energy Savings

Efficient utilization of cooling tower fans for reduced power consumption

Water Drop.png
Water Savings

Minimizing evaporation & re-using clean water from tower plumes


Maximizing plant output & avoiding unscheduled outages with real time tower monitoring

Our water solutions for cooling towers garnered several prestigious awards including the Department of Energy Cleantech grand prize, the MIT Clean Energy award, the Rice Business Plan competition grand prize and even a $100,000 grand prize from MIT.

Call for Non-Invasive, Zero Risk Water Capturing Solutions for Cooling Towers

We look forward to speaking with power plant owners, data center process managers, investors and any others interested in learning more about our innovative technology. Call or email us today to start a conversation and allow us to answer your questions. You can also reach out to us by completing a contact form on our website.

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Chairman & Co-Founder

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