What is Cooling Tower Drift?

Cooling tower drift are small water droplets that are emitted from cooling towers. As air moves up the tower, it entrains a fraction of the sprayed water droplets outside of tower and into the ambient. Drift droplets vary in size but typically range between 50 and 200µm in diameter (around the thickness of a human hair). Drift water has the same chemical composition as the circulating water in the tower and therefore typically has high salt concentrations, particulate matter and bacteria, making it harmful and potentially toxic. Drift occurs in all cooling towers in various applications such as power generation, data centers, commercial buildings, chemicals manufacturing and oil and gas. Efficient drift eliminators can reduce drift but never eliminate it completely. Infinite Cooling has developed proprietary, patented WaterPanel™ systems that use electric fields to capture emissions from cooling towers and mitigate cooling tower plumes and drift.

Issues Caused by Cooling Tower Drift

Cooling tower drift can result in significant issues when inhaled or when deposited on nearby surfaces.


Legionella: Biological growth in cooling tower is a known problem and one of the most common bacteria is Legionella, which, when inhaled, causes Legionnaires’ disease, a serious and sometimes fatal disease. Studies have shown that 40 to 60% of cooling towers contain Legionella. Therefore, the most effective way to prevent infections is to mitigate drift.

Salt and Chemical Deposits: Drift droplets typically have high salt and chemical concentrations. They can pollute nearby water sources. They can also result in high cleaning costs for nearby windows and cars.

Equipment failure: Drift droplets can erode fans and other cooling tower equipment. When they deposit on nearby equipment, they can cause corrosion or alter functionality. For example, deposition on nearby insulators for high-voltage lines can cause these insulators to fail.

Novel water capture technology

Our patented technology developed at MIT significantly reduces water consumption in evaporative cooling tower systems by capturing water from cooling tower plumes.  

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Water Savings

Tens of millions of gallons of clean water recovered from industrial facility plumes  

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Costs Savings

~$1M annual savings for a 600MW power plant

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Plume Abatement

100% plume elimination on cooling towers retrofitted with Infinite Cooling technology

Get Started with Advanced Plume Abatement Technology


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