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Augment Your Operations

In today's competitive industrial landscape, achieving efficiency, sustainability, and profitability while operating with a lean team is a challenge.


Cooling towers are essential to many industrial processes and their performance directly affects the output of these processes whether it be power generation, materials production, or chiller efficiency. Equipment failure can result in safety hazards, lowered production, and expensive repairs.

With the lack of dedicated experts, cooling towers often go unnoticed and run sub-optimally, resulting in missed opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

Empowering managers and operators with the most comprehensive cooling tower analytics, our products help you optimize your plant and reach new efficiency heights.

Introducing TowerPulse™

Infinite Cooling is at the forefront of revolutionizing cooling tower management with TowerPulse™. By harnessing the capabilities of remote sensing and AI, we monitor, optimize, and predict cooling tower key parameters. We utilize historical and real-time data to drive immediate productivity gains and cost savings, drawing from our wealth of expertise gained through operational experience across North America.

TowerPulse™ Dashboard

TowerPulse™ continuously monitors your cooling tower's performance, offering real-time data and remote diagnostics to swiftly address potential issues, ensuring uninterrupted operations and mitigating downtime risks.





Data Processing

Physics Modeling

Artificial Intelligence

With actionable insights from the data, TowerPulse™ guides you in optimizing cooling tower performance, resulting in increased production efficiency and notable reductions in electricity and water expenses.


  • Increased Production
    Detect and predict issues and recommend actions to rectify them, along with cost-benefit analyses. High-performing towers increase plant efficiency.
  • Energy Savings
    Optimize the operation of cooling tower fans and pumps through real-time system level optimization.
  • Water Savings
    Reduce unnecessary evaporation and blowdown.
  • Bottom-line Impact
    Increase revenue, cut costs, and reduce emissions.
  • Cooling Tower Expertise
    Available at the operators fingertips with full real-time tower assessment performed without the need to hire external consultants.
  • Peace of Mind
    Operators view an alert system that notifies them of any issue , coupled with the confidence that Infinite Cooling experts are available to help at any time.

250 MW Steam Turbine

6000 MWh of extra power generation
1600 MWh of energy savings
15 Million gallons of water saved per year
Bottom-Line Impact utilizing TowerPulse™
$500,000 of increased profits and 5,000 tons of avoided CO2 emissions per year


TowerPulse™ is operating on multiple industrial facilities across the US and uncovering substantial opportunities for efficiency gains through cooling towers. Applicable industries include but are not limited to:


• Power plants

• Data centers

• Chemicals plants

• Manufacturing facilities

• Commercial buildings

• Chiller plants

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