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Cooling Tower Plumes
Turn A Challenge into a Solution

Cooling tower plumes, while a common sight, often conceal a multitude of issues that can wreak havoc on operational efficiency, safety, and the environment. These seemingly innocent plumes can lead to a cascade of problems, including:

Icing Hazards

Icing due to plume dispersion can lead to plant outages, unsafe conditions for both personnel and equipment, and increased maintenance costs.

Reduced Visibility

Plumes diminish visibility, impacting aesthetics and safety around the plant area.

Interference with Equipment

Plumes can interfere with nearby equipment, affecting their performance and potentially leading to costly disruptions.

Cooling Tower Recirculation

Plumes can re-enter cooling towers, diminishing overall cooling efficiency.

Public Relations Concerns

Unsightly plumes can raise community concerns and negatively affect public perception.

Regulatory Compliance

Many regions have strict regulations regarding plume emissions, necessitating solutions that meet compliance standards.

Corrosion and Legionella Risk

Plumes contribute to water drift, which carries corrosive materials and can potentially spread harmful bacteria like Legionella.

Excessive Water Consumption

Plumes result in water loss, leading to increased water consumption and associated costs.

The Ultimate Plume Abatement Solution

In response to these challenges, we present WaterPanel™ – a groundbreaking innovation designed to tackle cooling tower plumes head-on. WaterPanel™ is a revolutionary technology invented at MIT that captures water from cooling tower plumes and transforms it into an asset, promoting water conservation, reliability, and operational excellence.

Through a process involving custom electrodes, WaterPanel™ electrically charges water droplets within cooling tower plumes, rendering them easily recoverable. The charged droplets are directed toward collection meshes strategically placed on the cooling tower outlet, effectively eliminating visible plumes. This process not only reduces plumes but also enables the recovery of high-purity re-condensed water.

Key Features

Retrofittable Solution

Seamlessly integrate WaterPanel™ into your existing cooling tower infrastructure without the need for a plant shutdown, minimizing operational disruption.


Save money with a simple, easy to install solution that provides a much better ROI than hybrid or air cooling.

Water Re-Use

Reclaim and reuse the re-condensed water, promoting sustainability and reducing water consumption.

Universal Applicability

WaterPanel™ is designed to be installed on cooling towers of varying sizes, making it versatile for a range of industries and plant types.



WaterPanel™ has been installed on multiple industrial facilities across the US. Applicable industries include, but are not limited to:


• Power generation

• Chemical manufacturing

• Steel Production

• Data Centers

• Manufacturing

• Pulp and paper

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